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CaboCréme is recommended by moms, physicians, and lactation consultants world-wide.

We love CaboCréme! We’ve sold 19 dozen tubes this past year.

Candi P., RN, IBCLC

I used CaboCréme to wean 3 of my 4 kids and it was a life saver! I highly recommend it!

CB, mom

I had used the prescription medication years ago with my first baby but tried CaboCréme after the second baby. There was no comparison! CaboCréme worked faster, was less painful, and a much more pleasant experience in every possible way!

Gina T., Mom

After weaning my baby I continued to lactate for two years. CaboCréme dried me up in two days.

Karen M., Nurse Practitioner

This was my third baby and I was not able to nurse so I was not looking forward to engorgement…again. CaboCréme made all the difference in the world! I highly recommend it to all moms.

Kim D., mom

My experience with engorgement was completely painless thanks to CaboCréme! Thank goodness no more cabbage leaves.

Lilly F., Mom

I have used it before, and it worked great :). I’ve used it for engorgement in the beginning and during the process of weaning; it works wonders. Thank you so much!!!

LS, mom

I really think you are an angel. I was in agony last night. The cream made such a difference.


I had always heard about how painful engorgement was and they were right! Using CaboCréme made my experience completely painless! I am so thankful for CaboCréme.

Mary F., mom

I am a birth & bereavement doula. I am a big fan of your product!

MP, doula

I had a client who needed to reduce milk production. I’m so glad we were able to discuss her options, and that I had the tube of Cabo Cream for her…she was so thankful!

RS, Bereavement Birth Services

CaboCréme really works!

Sandra L., IBCLC, Boutique Owner

I lost my baby at 26 wks. My milk came in three days after I delivered and the physical pain – on top of the emotions – was almost too much to handle. A wonderful doula who I know, connected me with Jill Farmar. Jill is an OBGYN.. She is making Cabo Cream to help women in my, or similar situations, who want to ease the pain of engorgement. Anyway, the cream worked wonders and I am grateful she gave it to me. Cabbage leaves, sports bras and pain relievers are just not sufficient.

SCB, grateful mom

Hi, I loved CaboCréme. After nursing my son for three years I was having trouble getting my supply down when I was ready to wean and getting quite uncomfortable after his last nursing session. I applied the cream 3-4 times a day and by the first evening I already felt some relief. The next day I no longer felt lumps and prickles. I was amazed by the speed in which I felt relief and surprised by the pleasant smell (I guess I was expecting cabbage smell). Thanks so much! This was my smoothest weaning of all three of my boys. I will definitely recommend to other moms.

SY, mom and lactation consultant

CaboCréme is great! It really helps relieve the pain and soreness instantly. I was able to rest better at night.

Tracy I., mom