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Jill Farmer

Jill Farmar

Cabocreme was developed by board-certified Ob/Gyn, Dr. Jill Farmar in 2001. For many years lactation specialists and physicians have known about the benefits of applying raw cabbage leaves to engorged breasts to decrease discomfort and swelling. However, Dr. Farmar’s patients wanted something more convenient and effective than cabbage leaves and cold packs so Dr. Farmar collaborated with a biochemist from a top-notch cosmetic lab in her hometown of Dallas, Texas to formulate Cabocreme.

Dr. Farmar’s philosophy is to support women wherever they may be in their breastfeeding journey. Breast milk is good but if a woman needs to dry up immediately after birth or weaning, Cabocreme can help ease the transition.

About CaboCréme

Now women can benefit from this convenient, lightly scented cream. The “dose-dependent” formulation allows moms to use Cabocreme in all phases of breastfeeding where engorgement is a problem.

During breastfeeding, Cabocreme can decrease the knots associated with mastitis when massaged directly on the tender area and continue to breastfeed.

Since its introduction, Cabocreme has sold over 300,000 tubes and has had rave reviews from moms, lactation consultants, and physicians.

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